Pure Life Purified Water, Plastic Bottled Water, 56 pk./ 8 fl. oz.

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    Product Overview
    Made in USA
    All of Pure Life's PET bottles are designed to be recyclable, and in order to continue using recycled plastic, they need your help to recycle. Once their bottles are recovered and sent to a recycler, they are cleaned, dried, and melted into pellets which can be used for our new bottles.

    Pure Life proudly supports Veterans: They are proud to partner with the FITOPS Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting Veterans in living a life of purpose after their military service.

    Pure Life's quality water has been its promise to you for over 20 years. Every drop of water goes through a 12-step quality process so that you can enjoy its refreshing crisp taste every time you take a drink.

    Product Features:

  • Everyday hydration: Pure Life's eight-ounce mini water bottles are perfect for little ones and make hydration fun
  • Refreshing taste: Enhanced with minerals for a crisp taste
  • Healthy hydration: Purified water with no artificial colors or flavors and zero calories or sweeteners
  • A taste you can trust: From collection to testing, Pure Life's quality process ensures you and your family are getting the quality you deserve
  • Family favorite for over 30 years: Water to give you the healthy hydration your family needs
  • Designed to be recycled: Pure Life bottles are recyclable, so you can help the next generation of families too
  • Includes 56 eight-ounce mini water bottles