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    Product Overview
    Discover Print Perfect Purse Pets with patterned fabrics. These fashionable and fabulous interactive Purse Pets (perfect girl's gifts) are packed with purse-only. They respond to your touch, really blink and have over 30 new exciting sounds and reactions. This Bamboo Boo Koala Purse Pet features plush floral printed fabric, a pebbled nose, pop-art-inspired eyes, and an adjustable strap. When you’re out and on the go, your Bamboo Boo Koala Purse Pet will blink and make sassy sounds as she interacts with you. She loves to cuddle. Hug her tight and you’ll hear the sweetest snuggling sounds. Then, check out the stylish insignia on the front of your purse – it’s a secret button that unlocks more ways to play. In Magic Mode, you can play games and strike a pose. Want to know how much your Bamboo Boo Koala Purse Pet likes your outfit? Try the style meter with BFF Realness Mode. Ask her what she thinks, touch her forehead, and she’ll respond. The louder the applause, the more she loves it. In Runway Ready Remix, your Bamboo Boo Koala Purse Pet will play cool fashion show-inspired music while you strut your stuff and rock your runway look. Play the role of DJ and remix the beats by tapping her forehead – she even makes record scratch sounds. Dance to the music and strike a pose for the cameras when the music stops in Fashion Freeze. It’s so much fun. Plus, with the Purse Pet (each sold separately), these trendy toys can sing a secret song together when you time it just right. With Purse Pets, friendship meets fashion. Take your super cute purse with you everywhere you go. Measuring approximately 2.5"L x 6.25"W x 4.25"H, each Print Perfect Purse Pet fits all your essentials. Purse Pets interactive toys for kids are great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, or gifts for any occasion. Collect them all (each sold separately) and express your style. Bring your look to life with the Bamboo Boo Koala Purse Pet.

    Product Features:

  • Blinks and Response to Touch: This trendy girls purse has expressive eyes that really blink. While on the go, your Purse Pet blinks and interacts with you. Give her a hug and she’ll make the sweetest sounds
  • Over 30 Sounds and Reactions: Purse Pets girls toys come to life. Each Print Perfect Purse Pet makes cute and sassy sounds, loves snuggles, flutters her lashes, plays music, and more
  • New Games and Music: Ask her to rate something – the louder the reaction, the more she loves it. Rock your runway look and remix the beat by tapping her head; dance to her music and pose for the cameras when it stops
  • Interactive Pet and Patterned Kids Purse: Featuring soft floral fabric, a pebbled faux leather nose, pop art eyes, and an adjustable strap, Bamboo Boo is the ultimate pet and fashion accessory
  • Age ranges: 5+
  • Includes purse pets purse, instruction sheet, and three AAA Duracell batteries

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