Ruby Space Triangles Cascading Clothes Hangers, 18 Pk. - Black

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    Product Overview
    Is your closet cramped and cluttered? Is it impossible to find a shirt to wear and even harder to put them back?

    Not anymore. Introducing Ruby Space Triangles, a clever hanging device that fits over any hanger to save you closet space in seconds. You can vertically hang multiple items, giving you up to three times more space in your closet. The secret is the ingenious slipover design that secures the hangers in a perfectly vertical position. It’s the easiest way to get more closet space. In just a few minutes, you’ll completely transform your closet. Ruby Space Triangles snuggly fit all types of hangers from plastic to wood to metal and velvet. You’ll be amazed at all that extra space. Just place Ruby Space Triangles on each hanger and start hanging your clothing after another, piece by piece. Daisy chain up to six shirts or more. The lower you go, the more closet space will show. With Ruby Space Triangles, you can build an outfit so it’s easy to find. You can stack two for even more space-saving.

    Product Features:

  • Cramped, cluttered closets make it impossible to find what you need and create wrinkled clothes. Ruby Space Triangles vertically hang items, creating up to three times more closet space
  • Simply slide a Ruby Space Triangle over your hanger and you’re ready to start organizing your closet. The ingenious design keeps the hangers in the perfect vertical position, allowing you to go from messy to marvelous in seconds
  • Daisy chain six or more of the triangles to create even more space. The lower you go, the more closet space you’ll show
  • Works with and holds snuggly to all types of hangers: Plastic, wood, wire, or velvet
  • Works with all types of clothing: Unlike flimsy hangers that can only hold lightweight clothing like shirts, Ruby Space Triangles are durable for all types of clothing, whether you’re hanging shirts, blouses, slacks, jeans, dresses, or heavy suits
  • Slides over your hanger easily and stays in the perfect vertical position
  • Includes 18 Ruby Space Triangles