Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Version 3.0 - White

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    Product Overview
    Get back in the game more quickly without the worry of stiff muscles. the Sharper Image Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager is the post-workout recovery tool you need and the muscle repairer you deserve. This state-of-the-art massage gun uses percussion to target sore muscles and tight knots, helping you unwind after a long workout. Change the strength of the percussion to one of the six built-in speed settings to suit your body's needs and help break up lactic acid before your next workout. The nodes loosen tight or stiff muscles to reduce soreness and get you back in the game quicker. The massager is whisper quiet with low vibration on the ergonomic handle, so it's the most comfortable massage gun you'll find anywhere. Take it with you to the gym, on vacation, or to your next game.

    Product Features:

  • Let the Sharper Image Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager be your sports recovery sidekick. It targets sore muscles and relieves tension with deep-tissue percussion that rivals the treatment from a professional massage therapy session
  • The Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager uses an industrial-grade brushless motor that is whispers quiet, allowing you to relax after a workout without the horrible “hammering” noise found in other massagers
  • Enjoy a fully customizable massage with the five attachments to target your different needs. Combine the new attachments with one of the six different intensity settings to create the perfect massage every time
  • Bring the Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager with you anywhere for immediate post-workout relaxation and pain relief. The massager is light enough and compact enough to fit in most gym bags while still leaving room for all other essentials
  • The newest version of the Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager features an ergonomic oval, rubber-gripped handle for improved performance. The handle's rubber grip and oval shape provide a more comfortable experience when in use and allow you to target sore areas with ease and precision
  • Includes Powerboost deep tissue massager, five node attachments, carrying case and DC adapter