Snow Joe PRO MELT Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Bag, 50 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Professional-strength MELT is a unique formulation of calcium chloride pellets that accelerates the melting process by generating a large amount of heat on contact with snow and ice. MELT is designed to quickly, safely and effectively tackle frozen snow, sleet and ice on most driveways, steps, sidewalks and entryways. MELT pellets attract moisture from its surroundings, speeding up the creation of brine to quickly lower the freezing point of water, generate heat and melt snow and ice on contact. MELT professional-strength calcium chloride pellets go to work immediately upon contact with snow and ice to accelerate the deicing and melting process. Pre-treating surfaces with MELT will also prevent ice and snow from accumulating.

    Product Features:

  • Professional strength MELT contains 94% pure CaCl2 pellets
  • Melts down to -25°F
  • Generates heat instantly upon contact with snow and ice
  • Convenient resealable bag for easy storage and extended shelf-life
  • Lasts up to 24 hours for superior traction control
  • Safer for use on sidewalks when used as directed*
  • Includes one 50-lb. bag

  • (Model MELT50CCP)

    *Never use any ice melt products on freshly poured concrete that has not had adequate time to cure.