SOL by Jergens Self Tanner Deep Water Mousse with Applicator Mitt, 5 fl. oz.

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    Product Overview
    It’s the sun’s perfect color in a bottle.

    SOL by Jergens Self-Tanning Water Mousse works with your unique skin tone to deliver flawless, sun-inspired color in just hours. Made with a tanning active derived from natural sugars and infused with coconut water, this light, airy, foam is dye-free, streak-free, and worry-free.

    Available in two shades: medium and deep - Light, airy, translucent foam - Tanning active derived from natural sugars - Formula, infused with coconut water, leaves skin visibly moisturized - Dye-free, streak-free, hassle-free color - No color transfer, so no mess and no stress - Fresh tropical scent of passion fruit essence - Color develops within four hours, peaks at 24 hours, and lasts for days - Re-apply water mousse for deeper color.

    SOL by Jergens Sunless Tanning Applicator Mitt blends your color effortlessly for an even, streak-free tan every time. Even better, this reusable tanning glove protects your palms from the formula to avoid staining. The perfect sidekick for SOL by Jergens water mousse.

    - Blends color for a flawless, streak-free tan - Protects your palms from staining - Reusable and easy to wash.

    Product Features:

  • Natural-looking sunless tanning anywhere - perfect for people stuck inside, self-tanner is made with tanning agents derived from natural sugars for a sun-inspired tan in hours
  • Long-lasting & water-based tanner - works with your unique skin tone to imitate an authentic suntan that lasts for days without the effects of the sun
  • The tropical escape you've been looking for - infused with coconut water and slightly tinged with fresh, tropical passion fruit essence
  • Dye-free self-tanner foam - translucent, dye-free water dispenses as an airy foam that spreads smoothly for even application
  • Sunless tanning for all skin tones - choose your color with medium and deep shade options from Jergens, experts in skin vibrancy and visible skin health
  • Includes one 5-fl. oz. water mousse and one applicator mitt


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