Sparkling Ice Patriot Lemonades Variety Pack, 24 pk./17 oz.

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    Made in USA
    When you're looking for a convenient, on-the-go beverage the limited-time Sparkling Ice Patriot Lemonades Pack is the perfect solution. Have a pack on hand so you can grab a bottle and quench your thirst all summer long. Staying hydrated is easy with full-flavored water and refreshing bubbles. Which Flavors Come in the Sparkling Ice Patriot Lemonades Pack? This limited-time variety pack features three lemonade flavors, including Berry Lemonade—a new flavor exclusive to this pack. Berry lovers will appreciate the delicious twist of the Berry Lemonade. Those who want a traditional flavor can dive into the Classic Lemonade, and summer sparkles with the quintessential flavor fusion of Strawberry Lemonade. Delicious Flavored Water With Vitamins and Antioxidants With the Sparkling Ice Patriot Lemonades Pack, you don’t have to choose between flavor and zero sugar. Each 17 fl. oz. bottle packs a punch of fizzy flavor with zero sugar, plus vitamins and antioxidants. Totally Convenient The Sparkling Ice Patriot Lemonade Pack is great for having on hand when you need a hydration boost that tastes amazing, too. Sparkling Ice bottles are the perfect size for grabbing from the fridge or pantry!

    Product Features:

  • Zero Sugar
  • Contains Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Bursting with Real Fruit Flavor
  • Colors and Flavors from Natural Sources
  • Includes 8 Classic Lemonade, 8 Strawberry Lemonade, and 8 Berry Lemonade

  • (Model FG00258)