Stepguard 3' x 4' Contours Parquet Charcoal Mat - Charcoal

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    Product Overview
    Keep your entryway clean and dry with this heavy-duty Contours doormat from Stepguard, featuring recycled rubber backing and a stylish molded pattern on the surface. The needle punch surface is made from recycled PET bottles, with molded channels helping scrape and trap dirt and debris from footwear, while fabric absorbs moisture. Recycled rubber backing is durable and weather-resistant so it can be used outside all year long. Recycled rubber backing protects floors from wear, and grips surfaces to minimize slippage. The mat is attractive and stylish - an ideal mat to place outside your front door to absorb snow and moisture, protecting floors inside. Add this rectangular-shaped mat to your doorway for a stylish edge. Made in the USA, it’s crafted from crush-, fade-, and mold-resistant recycled plastic PET bottles with a non-slip rubber backing and a low-profile design– at just 0.40" tall– that crouches under most swinging doors. A perfect stylish accessory for entryways, patios, porches, verandas, balconies, and garages. Durable construction and attractive design make it suitable for residential and commercial applications.

    Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty winter mat with 100% recycled PET needle punch moisture-absorbent top surface fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Recycled rubber backing grips surfaces to minimize slippage
  • Compressed molded motifs provide scraping surface to remove dirt and debris from footwear
  • All season durability ensures that the mat can be left outside year round
  • Made in North America of recycled materials
  • Easy to clean: shake, sweep, or spray with garden hose
  • Includes one mat

  • (Model MT1005817US)

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