Stratton Home Decor Cozy Framed Wall Art

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    Product Overview
    A house is not a home if it doesn’t feel 100% comfortable and inviting. Whether it’s from the people you share this space with or the relaxation that a well-decorated room provides, one must always aspire to feel the utmost coziness at home. The Stratton Home Decor Cozy Framed Wall Art will make your space a true place of comfort. Simple and straightforward, this decor reads “cozy” - a reminder of what home feels like. With light shades of grey and purple, the design is printed on a linen background. This piece is bordered by a white-washed natural wooden frame with wood grain and knots.

    Product Features:

  • Made of 40% wood, 30% MDF material, and 30% linen
  • This framed printed wall art is bound by a white-washed natural wooden frame
  • This piece hangs horizontally and can easily be mounted on the wall via the two attached D-rings at the back
  • Just wipe this piece with a clean, damp cloth to keep it free from dust, dirt, smudges, or stains
  • It's a decorative piece that's perfect for the comfiest parts of the home like the living room or the bedroom
  • Includes cozy framed wall art

  • (Model S36913)