Tomcat Rodent Repellent Ready to Use Wand, 1 gal.

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    Product Overview
    Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use is engineered to safely and effectively deter mice and rats from entering homes. Featuring a no stink formula that is long lasting and rain resistant, this easy, ready-to-use formula is tested and proven to prevent rodent entry, nesting and foraging. Through essential oil technology it delivers a smell and taste that rats and mice naturally hate while remaining safe for use around kids and pets, giving you both protection and peace of mind.

    Product Features:

  • No stink, essential oils formula is safe for use around kids and pets (when used as directed)
  • Long lasting and rain resistant formula
  • Inside and outside rodent prevention
  • Keep mice and rats out
  • Includes 1-gal. of Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use and wand

  • (Model 0368208)