Toy Time 100-Pc. Sudoku Board Game Set

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    Product Overview
    The Toy Time Sudoku Board Game is a classic logic-based game that is fun for the whole family! This complete set has everything you need to play and includes a full booklet of puzzles, wood number tiles, and a game board with storage space. With origins back to the late 1700’s, this entertaining number game promotes critical thinking skills and is fun for kids and adults. Toy Time is committed in providing its entire line of products at the absolute best price. This is an exclusive product of Toy Time and only Sudoku Board Games by Toy Time are guaranteed to be genuine.

    Product Features:

  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Game board and game pieces are beautifully crafted from durable MDF wood to provide a smooth playing surface
  • Built-in slide out drawer easily stores the game pieces while not in use
  • Set comes with everything you need to play this exciting game
  • With the sudoku game board, number pieces, and booklet with 100 puzzles of different difficulties, you will be fully prepared to test your wits
  • Puzzle-style game is based around numbers and promotes exercises in logic, critical thinking and reasoning
  • Challenge yourself with the included puzzle booklet, or even create your own puzzles to solve
  • Sudoku is a beloved, classic game that has deep roots in ancient number puzzles and has traces back to the late 1700’s
  • Perfect for the entire family, and for individual or group play too
  • Includes 100-pc. Sudoku board game set

  • (Model 761701TOX)