Toy Time 6-Pc. Balance Pods

Item: 273753 Model: 379449KTH
Toy Time 6-Pc. Balance Pods

Toy Time 6-Pc. Balance Pods

Item: 273753 Model: 379449KTH


Product Features:

  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Half-dome pods can be used for exercises that help to improve balance, coordination, body toning, circulation and posture
  • Using the pods regularly is a perfect way for your child to have fun while staying fit
  • This 6-piece set is perfect to spark your child's imagination
  • Can be used as fun stepping stones that promote play and exercise
  • Ideal for adults to amp up workouts, yoga routines, therapy, build core strength, for sore feet and more
  • The balancing pods are strong enough to withstand use from people of all ages
  • Made from heavy duty 280g PVC, these balancing pods are safe and durable enough for kids, and flexible enough for fitness activities for adults
  • Pods feature tactile, hedgehog style bumps on top for footing traction for balance or play, and smooth bottoms for stability
  • You can use the pods with the dome side up or flat side up to provide varied levels of difficulty
  • Includes six-piece balance pods

  • (Model 379449KTH)

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