Toy Time Kids Electronic Violin with 4 Adjustable Strings and Bow

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    Introduce your little ones to music with the Electronic Violin with Adjustable Strings and Bow by Toy Time. This violin is just 18" long and features a lightweight plastic body and neck, durable plastic fingerboard and metal strings that can be adjusted and play notes when pressed so kids can pretend to play melodies and not just “noise.” The back of the violin features five push buttons that play music and sounds that your child can pretend to play along with the included bow. The scale of this toy violin is perfect for children who want to learn to play but aren’t quite ready for a real instrument. Kids will love that it looks just like a real violin! Being able to learn musical sounds will lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical education for your little ones.

    Product Features:

  • Teaches children the basics of playing violin to prepare them for a lifetime of music education and appreciatioHelps kids learn tone, rhythm and even hand-eye coordination
  • Features a small and light plastic body that is easy for little ones to hande
  • 4 strings produce musical sounds when pressed so that little ones can pretend to play songs
  • Features adjustable strings that play notes when pressed down, and the body has a woodgrain look and comes with a bow
  • Five push buttons play different notes and songs that will encourage your child to play and practice notes
  • Requires 2/AA batteries
  • Includes violin and bow
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