Toy Time Pretend Cash Register Supermarket Playset

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    Product Overview
    Introduce your child to the basics of money handling and mathematics with the Pretend Cash Register Playset by Toy Time This toy comes with everything your child will need to set up their own imaginary supermarket. There are nine miniature food items, U.S. coins, and U.S. dollar bills that help your child understand the basics of shopping and money handling. The built-in calculator function accurately adds and subtracts dollar amounts on the LCD display. The scanner lights up and beeps and the pretend credit card reader beeps when swiped for more realistic play. The built-in microphone and realistic cash drawer sounds add to the fun. Toy Time is committed to providing its entire line of products at the absolute best price and value. They ensure it by applying a rigorous quality control process.

    Product Features:

  • For children ages 3+
  • Will help your child learn the basics of money handling and recognition as well as teaching them basic math skills
  • Built-in calculator accurately adds and subtracts dollar amounts on the LCD screen
  • Makes it easier to show children how shopping works and the difference between prices
  • The barcode scanner lights up and beeps, so your children can pretend to ring up items
  • The pretend credit card reader and money drawer also make sounds to make for more realistic play
  • Set comes with nine different toy food items
  • Your children can pretend to shop and run a store just like the grown-ups
  • Requires 3/AA batteries (Not Included)
  • Includes U.S. coins, U.S. bills, nine food items and shopping basket

  • (Model 836478WCS)