Victor Pestchaser Electronic Rodent Repeller, 6 pk.

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    Product Overview
    The Victor Pestchaser Electronic Rodent Repeller is a high frequency ultrasound plug-in repellent effective against mice, rats, and other rodents. It's ideal for average-sized rooms including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. By producing a high frequency sound, it repels rodents and is inaudible to humans. The repeller's non-toxic, poison-free design is safe for use around children and non-rodent pets. It also includes a convenient nightlight feature that provides soft illumination.

    Product Features:

  • Built in nightlight
  • Mini-size, discreet design
  • Varying volume and high frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • Cannot be heard by humans or non-rodent pets
  • Victor piezoeectric system has a ceramic membrane (vs. paper) which creates a louder sound and allows us to better control frequency
  • Includes six electronic rodent repellers
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