W. Trends Zane 30" Contemporary Metal and Wood Square Coffee Table - Dark Walnut

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    Product Overview
    You sit back to relax when you hear a knock and a shrill call. Oh no. It’s your dreaded Aunt Karen. She’s come to shower you in back-handed compliments and pick apart your home. Well, not so fast. Graceful as ever, you welcome Karen into your living room. Her nose is up, and her eyes already squint at your home goods. That’s when you direct her to your new, modern, square coffee table. Karen’s eyes bulge at the double-decker shelves and its asymmetrical industrial framing. You continue and show her all the available open storage and urge her to feel the smooth, durable laminate on this urban-chic cocktail table. Karen leaves in fury, trying to hide her jealousy. You smile and pat your trusty coffee table, thanking it for your victory. This is becoming a fun game, this rivalry between you and Aunt Karen. What to get next?

    Product Features:

  • One fixed metal shelf
  • Plastic feet caps on metal legs
  • Stylish metal grid divider
  • Open storage
  • Color: dark walnut
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions
  • Includes a mixed material cocktail table
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