Wellsley Farms Cod Loins, 1.25-2.5 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Wellsley Farms frozen cod loins are sustainably caught in cold North Atlantic ocean waters by trusted dayboat fishermen, then iced immediately to preserve maximum freshness from catch until delivery. Tender, thick fillets of pearly white meat separate into large flakes, and with its low fat content, this fresh wild Atlantic cod is the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy and delicious seafood option. These frozen cod loins are individually packaged for your convenience. Cut off one package for an easy meal for two, or cook all three for a family meal.

    Product Features:

  • Premium frozen cod loins
  • Responsibly wild caught
  • Quick frozen to maintain peak freshness, texture, and flavor
  • Individually vacuum packaged for maximum convenience
  • Rich in lean protein, low in fat
  • Includes cod loins, 1.25-2.5 lbs.

  • Ingredients: Wild Cod.

    Product Warnings and Restrictions: Contains Fish (Cod).