Wellsley Farms Frozen Swordfish Steak, 3 ct., 1.25-2 lb

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    Product Overview
    Harvested by the longliners in the cool, nutrient-rich waters of the Humboldt current off the coast of Ecuador, ensuring very moist, higher fat content, an excellent source of protein, and rich flavor steaks. Swordfish is processed to specifications, hand-cut and trimmed, then vacuum sealed and blast frozen. Always single frozen, at the peak of the freshness, not twice frozen. Vacuum-packed and frozen, swordfish is easy to prepare. A variety of heat sources are ideal for cooking swordfish, such as wood-burning grills, poached, gas grills, broilers, sautee, pan-fry, black iron skillet, flat grills. Swordfish can also be marinated before cooking or grilling.

    Product Features:

  • Swordfish's meaty texture and affinity for bold flavor
  • It can be grilled, roasted, sauteed, stuffed or skewered
  • Swordfish serves as an excellent source of protein
  • Wild caught
  • Product of Ecuador