Wellsley Farms Organic Pink Lady Apples, 5 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Pink lady apples are a round, small to medium-sized variety of apple. The apple’s skin is a glossy, smooth yellow-green hued apple with large patches of bright pink and red blush. Pink lady apples have high acidity and sugar levels, contributing to the apple’s initially tart taste followed by a sweet and floral, honeyed finish. Pink lady apples originated in Australia but are now also grown in hot regions of South, Central and North America as well as certain parts of Europe. Pink lady apples are harvested in late Fall through the early winter and are then kept fresh in professionally controlled coolers well into Summer. Pink lady apples are a good source of fiber that helps to regulate the digestive tract. They also contain vitamin C that can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. Pink lady apples are popularly consumed fresh out of hand and are valued for their effervescent taste. The fruit’s crisp nature also lends itself to salads and cheese boards, as the flesh is slow to oxidize, maintaining the sliced apple’s white appearance. In addition to raw preparations, Pink lady apples retain their shape and naturally sweet flavor when baked. The apples are frequently incorporated into sweeter preparations, including tarts, cakes and pies.

    Product Features:

  • Organic
  • Kid friendly
  • Healthy snacking
  • Great for baking