Bakers Racks and Buffet Tables


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Shopping for a Baker's Rack at BJ’s Provides Great Aesthetic Appeal

Our brilliant selection of baker's rack options serves as an excellent reason to shop at BJ's Wholesale. Online or in-person visits give you a much-needed break from just buying groceries. Our kitchen baker's rack selection includes a small baker's rack that performs functionally while adding a homey touch of culinary class to your kitchen or dining room. Many smart shoppers want to bake to save money, and getting an aesthetically pleasing small baker's rack or kitchen baker's rack is a great way to begin.

Vast Selection of Baker's Rack Options

You can shop from a wide range of styles, colors, shapes and finishes, and even our small baker's rack choices are sturdy because they feature anti-tipping hardware. You can choose from tempered glass, polyresin, durable ash and ash veneer construction of a small baker's rack or a unique sideboard that doubles as a counter for food preparation. Colors include classic white, natural wood, browns, black and even red that boldly draws the eye. Baker's racks aren't limited to kitchens and dining rooms because they make excellent storage and organization systems for your bathroom, hall, laundry room or entryway.

Traditional Function Vs. Aesthetic Design

You deserve the benefits that a kitchen baker's rack can provide. You work hard, and keeping organized in the kitchen with a busy family becomes important to relieve stress. Your baker's rack functions as a rack for cooling hot items right out of the oven — such as homemade breads, pies, cakes, pastries and roasted meats. Usually featuring shelves of heat-conducting materials like iron and steel, the racks quickly absorb heat and cool the baked items faster.

Our selection includes baker's racks with microwave shelves, built-in hooks for storage, butcher block cutting boards, drawers, baskets and space for storing wine glasses and tall bottles of wine. Our rack designs frequently serve as a kitchen focal point, and decorative corner racks can utilize the dead space in kitchen corners in an appealing and functional way. We highly recommend our