Coconut Water


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Tasty and Nutritious Coconut Water

Coconut water might be the best thing about being stranded on a tropical island. Thankfully, you don't have to be shipwrecked to enjoy this all-natural, nutritious drink. The best coconut water contains at least 94% water. Carbohydrates, many minerals, and a little bit of fat comprise the rest of the drink. When you want to make sure that your family is getting plenty of vitamins, Vita Coco coconut water is an ideal low-sugar choice.

Water Not Milk

Coconuts grow on varieties of large palm trees. These nuts, which are actually fruits, contain coconut water. The drink is extracted from young coconuts before they mature fully. Products, like Vita Coco coconut water, should not be confused with coconut milk. Unlike Vita Coco coconut water, coconut milk is produced by soaking grated coconut meat in water. The final product contains much more fat than the best coconut water.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Vita Coco coconut water provides an excellent way to quench your thirst. When you want something other than plain water for hydration, then the best coconut water only has 46 calories in a single cup. Its nutrients account for the benefits of coconut water. When you drink a serving, you get potassium, calcium, and manganese. You also gain magnesium, two grams of protein, and vitamin C.

Awesome for Athletes

Whether you're raising athletes or like to work out yourself, choose the best coconut water instead of sports drinks. Popular sports drinks typically contain high amounts of sugar. With coconut water, you get the minerals that you need to recover after breaking a sweat, like potassium and sodium.

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