Soothing Cough Drops


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Soothe Your Sore Throat With Natural Cough Drops

Whenever you need a soothing relief for your itchy and paining throat, natural cough drops are a handy solution. Scratchy throat due to allergies and common cold is a very regular issue which we all face in our day to day life.

Candies and cough drops are quite preferable for giving a soothing relief to an itchy throat. It's a tasty way to get instant relief from cough & congestion. BJ's Wholesale Club has a wide range of throat lozenges and cough suppressant drops to get you relief instantly.

Cough suppressant drops like Halls cough drops has been helping a sore throat feel better naturally. Cough Drops are capable of fighting coughs, soothe sore throats and cool nasal passages with a Triple Soothing Action formula. This menthol-based sugar free throat lozenge helps you to lower your coughing by easing your painful sleepless nights.

Heal Your Aching Throat

Cough syrups tend to make you feel drowsy, but Ricola cough drops are favored for its pleasing herbal taste and unique square shape. Ricola has been helping throats feel better naturally by using only high-quality herbs in them. The herbal formula also contains menthol, a natural cough suppressant that calms your cough and helps alleviate minor mouth and throat irritation.

Give your aching throat a relief with cough drops that are much better than taking medications. Browse and order cough drops to get doorstep delivery with BJ's Club Membership.