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Stock Up on Hand Sanitizer at BJ's Wholesale Club

Washing your hands whenever you can is a good idea, but if you can't get to a sink and use soap, hand sanitizer is a great option. There are several places that you should consider stocking with hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay. Take a look at all that you can find when you shop at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Purell Hand Sanitizer for the Car

Gas pumps and other everyday objects can be crawling with germs, but you'll be able to handle anything when you throw some Purell hand sanitizer in your glove box, center console, or anywhere else that's convenient. Hand sanitizer is an easy way to ensure that you're not taking germs into the car or your home. Just rub some on after grocery shopping, after work, or whenever you're about town.

Hand Sanitizer for Your Purse

You have everything in your purse, and if you're missing the sanitizer, you're missing out on a lot. It's extremely convenient to have hand sanitizer in your purse for whenever you find that you've touched something dirty. Whether you're on a walk by yourself or at the park with your kids, you might need it. Just rub some Purell sanitizer on your children's hands after they have played on the jungle gym equipment to know that they haven't picked anything up on their hands.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Throughout the Home

When you want a quick and easy way to sanitize your hands after you cough or sneeze, keep Purell sanitizer around the house for a quick and convenient alternative to washing your hands every time. Keep some on your bedside table or in the garage for after you take out the garbage. There are dozens of places around the house that you might appreciate having some Purell hand sanitizer.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer for the Office

If you want a way to slow the spread of infectious illnesses, protect yourself by keeping plenty of bulk hand sanitizer around the office. Bulk hand sanitizer is great for beside the water cooler or on the table with the shared stapler and other office supplies.

Whether you need bulk hand sanitizer or a small squirt bottle of sanitizer, you can find a wide selection of supplies at BJ's Wholesale Club. Get your membership card to shop with the app and do BJ's Curbside Pickup.