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Hand Soap: A Household Essential

Stop germs in their tracks with liquid hand soap. Whether you choose a gentle gel or a rich foam hand soap, your hands will be clean. Add a hand wash refill to your next BJ's Pickup order, and you'll keep dirty hands and pesky germs in check!

Hand Washing in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are germ-spreading hotspots. Your bathroom counter isn't complete without a hand soap dispenser next to the sink. Keep a hand wash refill nearby and make it a family rule to refill the soap dispenser when it runs low.

Staying Clean in the Kitchen

As you touch surfaces, bacteria spreads like wildfire. This is especially important in the kitchen, where food safety is a priority. Halt bacteria by washing your hands frequently while you prepare meals. Many hand soaps are made for frequent hand washing. They have gentle ingredients and are infused with moisturizers that will keep your hands soft after a day of meal preparation and other hands-on tasks.

Keeping the Kids Clean

Getting kids to wash their hands is a never-ending challenge. Experiment with different gel hand soap and foam soap varieties to see what your family likes best.

Some children find foam hand soap easier to use than gel types. In the bottle, foam soap looks watery. When kids press the pump, a light lather dispenses onto their hands. This type of soap spreads easily over the hands, allowing kids to see if they've missed any spots.

Gel Hand Soap vs. Foaming Soap

Which type is better: gel soap or foaming soap? It depends on your personal preference. Both are available in regular or moisturizing varieties. When you wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds, gel and foam hand soaps are both effective at removing dirt and germs.

Find Your Hand Washing Essentials at BJ's

BJ's offers a variety of gel and foam hand soaps to fight dirt and germs year-round. Become a BJ's member today to get your favorite hand soaps at discount prices!