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Enjoy a Snack or Spice Up a Meal With Pistachios

When you want a healthy snack, reach for a handful of pistachios. In addition to providing plenty of healthy fats and nutrients, pistachios are delicious! The signature flavor of roasted pistachios works well in all sorts of sweet and savory dishes.

Shell vs No-Shell Pistachios

When shopping for roasted pistachios, you have the choice of picking unshelled or shelled pistachios. Roasted pistachios that still have the shell on can make a great snack. They encourage mindful eating by making it take slightly longer to get the nut. Another perk is that some brands of shelled nuts may be slightly more affordable.

Meanwhile, unshelled pistachios give you the convenience you crave. You can pop unshelled pistachios straight into your mouth without any work. They are also ideal for recipes that call for large amounts of pistachios since you can add the no shell pistachios straight to your meal.

Explore All the Great Ways to Use Pistachios

You can enjoy roasted pistachios plain as a wholesome snack, but there are also several excellent ways to add them to your cooking. Crushed pistachio nuts are a savory topping for meat and fish. They can also be sprinkled in cookies, cakes, and any other dessert recipe that calls for nuts.

Stock Up on Pistachios at BJ's Wholesale Club

At BJ's, we carry all sorts of tasty pistachio nuts. With flavors like cracked black pepper or honey roasted, you can explore all sorts of new flavors of pistachio nuts. Our pistachio nuts come in several sizes, so you can pick the right amount for your family. Use BJ's Curbside Pickup to easily drive by and collect your pre-gathered grocery order. To access this and other helpful services, sign up for a membership with BJ's now.