Poland Spring Water


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Experience the Refreshing Taste of Poland Spring Water

It doesn't have to be a scorching hot day to enjoy a bottle of Poland Spring water. Staying hydrated is essential any time of the year. Refreshing Poland Spring bottled water quenches your thirst and keeps you feeling good.

Poland Spring bottled water comes straight from the fresh waters in Maine. Since 1845, people have counted on this brand for quality spring water. Spring water varieties include flavored sparkling water and natural spring water. Explore our selection of Poland Spring bottled water online at BJ's Wholesale Club.

More Than Just Spring Water

Poland Spring's sparkling water is a healthy replacement for sodas. Its crisp taste provides the fizzy goodness of sodas without the sugar and other ingredients. The best part is it's made from spring water. With zero calories and artificial flavors, you can feel good about enjoying a bottle or two. Delicious flavors include Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, and Raspberry Lime.

Sourced From the Freshest Springs

Poland Springs bottled water comes from the freshest springs in Maine. A variety of water testing is done every day, week, month and year. That way, the Poland Springs brand can guarantee water quality. Maine spring sources include Garden Spring, White Cedar Spring and, of course, Poland Spring. Browse BJ's Wholesale Club's generous selection of Poland Springs bottled water.

Poland Spring's Commitment to Quality Water

There's a reason that Poland Springs is one of the most trusted water brands. Poland Springs is committed to exceptional water quality. The company uses a 10-step process to ensure freshness. This process includes testing, regulatory oversight and taking good care of each spring.

At BJ's Wholesale Club, we are proud to offer Poland Spring water on our shelves and online. Our spring water selections include packs of 2 to 48 bottles or cans. Ready to sign up for a BJ's Wholesale Club membership? Become an Inner Circle, Perks Reward or Business member today.