Salad Dressing


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Find Salad Dressing That Delights

When you're looking for an easy way to add some pizzazz to your salads, take a look at the salad dressing options at BJ's Wholesale Club. We have a whole selection of varieties to suit a range of tastes and occasions. Having a wide range of flavors on hand for every meal will help you please your family and dinner guests.


Slightly tangy and bursting with flavor, vinaigrette is a staple salad dressing in many homes and restaurants. Whether you have a garden vegetable salad or a side salad for your afternoon cookout, a vinaigrette is the perfect choice. There are also a variety of vinaigrette dressings, including balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, and so many other tempting flavors.

Caesar Dressing

Who doesn't love the versatility of a classic Caesar salad? Whether you want a regular salad as a side dish or plan on making a chicken Caesar salad as the main course, you'll love the classic taste of this salad dressing. Caesar dressing is even ideal on many types of salads other than the classic Caesar salad, and you'll love having Caesar dressing around for whenever the urge to enjoy a creamy treat on some vegetables arises.

Italian Dressing

When you're looking for a light and refreshing side to your lasagna or spaghetti meal, don't forget about the simple pleasure of a salad with Italian dressing. This salad dressing has a little bit of tang that tastes delightful, and you'll be the rock star host of all your dinner parties and family events when you include Italian dressing on your table.

If you need a Caesar dressing, Italian dressing, or any other flavorful topping for your table, take a look at what you can find at BJ's Wholesale Club when you sign up for a BJ's Membership today.