Slow Cookers


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About Slow Cookers

Slow cookers and multi cookers are lifesaving appliances for anyone juggling a busy schedule. Just fill the slow cooker in the morning, turn it on, and come home to a freshly cooked meal. A homemade crock pot meal is almost as easy as a frozen dinner and much less expensive.

The Crock Pot Story

Basic slow cookers have been around for a long time. The first one, called a bean pot, was invented in the 1940s. They fell out of use for a while, but came back strong during the 1970s energy crisis, and have been with us ever since. Digital crock pots and multi cookers make this appliance even more versatile.

Simple, But So Useful

Both simple and digital crock pots include a ceramic dish or crock, glass lid, and a metal base that has a heating unit on the bottom. The base heats to a low temperature somewhere between 174 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Slow, even cooking turns tougher cuts of meat into fork tender favorites. Check the BJ's Smart Saver Blog for recipes.

Crock Pot Innovations

The basic 1970s-style crock pot is still popular. Newer digital crock pots can be programmed so that after your meal finishes cooking, it is kept warm at a reduced temperature. Multi cookers have a wider temperature range than regular slow cookers, allowing you to brown your meat and then slow cook it in the same pot.

Convenience and Best Values

Whether you've decided on a basic model, digital crock pot, or a high-end multi cooker, you can buy it at BJ's. We even sell disposable slow cooker liners to make clean up a snap. Get your ingredients at BJ's, too. We carry quality meat, fresh produce, and grocery staples at lower-than-supermarket prices. Become a BJ's member today, for great values plus the convenience of one-stop shopping and In-Club Pickup.