Shopping at BJ’s for the Best Toys

Chances are that you want to support your child's development in every way you can. Toys for kids can help children develop their fine motor skills. There are a wide variety of toys out there, from edutainment to outdoor adventures, but regardless of what you choose, you can save when you buy your child's favorites at BJ's Wholesale Club.

The Official Awesomest List of Toys

Though stores have stopped separating playthings into just "toys for boys" and "girls' toys", your kid still probably has their preferences. Whether they're into Hot Wheels or Barbie, sifting through the most popular offerings can be overwhelming. That's where we come in!

Every year, our team at BJ's Wholesale Club puts together The Official Awesomest List of Toys, where you can find the most popular items, from TV tie-ins to edutainment pieces and more, all with the great prices you love from BJ's. If your kid's favorite isn't on the list, don't worry: we still have a wide variety of toys you can shop from to make your kid's day — or someone else's! — extra special.

Cars, Action Figures, Artistry, and More

Stimulating your child's imagination is a great way to get them not just used to the world, but actively eager to experience it. Action figures based on your favorite movies and television shows are a great way to get your child's imagining stories and putting together new scenarios. Traditional girls' toys are just as great, whether your kid wants to play through Barbie's daily life in her Barbie Dreamhouse or take care of a new baby doll. Children of any gender might even have a blast putting together light-up artwork with a Lite Brite, driving their very own powered ride-on or testing out new fashions with a variety of activity sets like tie-dye kits, body stamps, and more.

Some toys, like LEGOs, can even help your kid develop their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Maybe they want to play with a toy grill and learn how to flip their favorite foods! The choice of toys for kids at BJ's doesn't just include playsets and plastic, though: let your child work out their energy with indoor playplaces, slides, and bouncers, or get them a children's smartwatch so they can feel just like their parents.

Educational Toys for Kids

Toys for boys might have the reputation of being about the gross-out factor or all-around action, but there's a lot more to it. Girls' toys aren't just about the dolls and fashion, either! Educational science kits can get your child interested in STEM from a young age, and items like the ExploreOne 2-in-1 Sky and Nature Projector won't just dazzle, but it will also help your kid learn no matter if they're at school or at home.

With a variety of toys for boys and girls' toys, there's a lot to love at BJ's Wholesale Club. LeapFrog's tablets can help jumpstart your child's foundation in reading and math. Younger children won't feel left out with favorites like V-Tech's Touch and Learn Activity Desk.

Whether you want to gift a loved one some toys for boys or snag something for your own child, chances are you'll find something great at BJ's Wholesale Club. Sign up for a BJ's Membership for great deals and great choices!