When you buy seafood from BJ’s, you can feel confident it meets the highest standards for sustainability.  Because it’s not just a trendy catchphrase to us; it’s our promise that we’ll help protect the world’s oceans and waterways — and the natural resources they provide — for years to come without compromising safety, quality or value. Here’s how we are working toward 100% sustainable seafood.

Exploring New Territory with Old Friends

We’ve built some really strong relationships with our suppliers. We think working together benefits everyone, so it was only natural we turned to our partners to help meet our goals.

Some were already sustainability superstars; they’ve been invaluable mentors. Others have joined in our efforts to protect aquatic ecosystems. We ensure they have the time, support and resources to make improvements.

If they can’t, we won’t stop until we find a new partner who can provide high-quality, sustainable seafood at a great value for our Members.