When you buy seafood from BJ’s, you can feel confident it meets the highest standards for sustainability.  Because it’s not just a trendy catchphrase to us; it’s our promise that we’ll help protect the world’s oceans and waterways — and the natural resources they provide — for years to come without compromising safety, quality or value. Here’s how we are working toward 100% sustainable seafood.

Fishery Improvement Projects

Changing a seafood business to make it sustainable is a big undertaking. Our suppliers work with conservation groups to create Fishery Improvement Projects* — known as  “FIPs” in the industry. These important efforts help them identify the practices they need to change, then come up with a plan to put these changes into action.

We firmly believe that both basic and comprehensive FIPs can be vital tools in lessening the impact of fisheries on the environment and wild species while helping to protect our waterways.

By committing to sourcing only from FIPs that are demonstrating real progress** — and continually monitoring to ensure that this progress is maintained —we’re showing our support for suppliers who’ve shown that they share our goal of providing BJ’s Members with high-quality, sustainable seafood.


*As outlined in the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solution’s Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects.

**As measured by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Fishery Improvement Project Ratings.