When you buy seafood from BJ’s, you can feel confident it meets the highest standards for sustainability.  Because it’s not just a trendy catchphrase to us; it’s our promise that we’ll help protect the world’s oceans and waterways — and the natural resources they provide — for years to come without compromising safety, quality or value. Here’s how we are working toward 100% sustainable seafood.

Sustainable Farmed Fish —

A Safe, Delicious & Nutritious Harvest

Sustainably raised fish aren’t just better for aquatic ecosystems. They can be better for us, too. That’s why our

suppliers must follow our sustainable aquaculture guidelines.


Limited use of chemicals to keep waterways clean.

Moving Water eliminates toxins in water, soil and fish.

Plenty of room for fish so they can grow healthy and strong.

Safeguards to protect wild fish species including escape-proof pens and good water flow to prevent parasites and toxins.