When you buy seafood from BJ’s, you can feel confident it meets the highest standards for sustainability.  Because it’s not just a trendy catchphrase to us; it’s our promise that we’ll help protect the world’s oceans and waterways — and the natural resources they provide — for years to come without compromising safety, quality or value. Here’s how we are working toward 100% sustainable seafood.

The Secret to Our Superior Tuna Is Sustainable Harvesting

The biodiversity of our oceans is in deep trouble. Tuna stocks suffer from overfishing and many species of sharks, rays and turtles are threatened with extinction.

That’s why we require every supplier for our own Wellsley Farms Canned Tuna to comply with strict International Seafood Sustainability Foundation  guidelines.

We guarantee our Wellsley Farms Canned Tuna Is:

• Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified.

• Pole & Line Caught. This centuries old method virtually eliminates bycatch.

• Caught with No Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).

• Supplied by Western Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Sustainability Roundtable Members. Participation is required for all of our Wellsley Farms tuna suppliers to ensure they follow the highest fishing standards.

• Plus, for every can of Wellsley Farms Tuna supplied we require the following information, with documentation.

 o Name and license of fishing vessel

 o Vessel’s country of registration

 o Catch Method

 o Areas of capture for each fishing trip

 o Dolphin-safe declaration