Recipes - Smoothies

Acai Bowl

Make it your own with crunchy toppings or fresh fruit. Everyone will love this smoothie you can eat with a spoon. Recipe by Jess Baumgardner.

Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl

This delicious and high protein smoothie packs some crunch and can be eaten with a spoon. Recipe by Brittany Colasuonno.

Creamy Berry Avocado Smoothie

Thick and creamy with a natural sweetness of berry and avocado, this is an all-time favorite smoothie that can be prepared only within 5 minutes!

Organic Triple Berry Smoothie

An antioxidant-rich thick and refreshing smoothie which is very easy to prepare. You can make it anytime and enjoy with the whole family.

Mixed Fruit Super Smoothie

A refreshing smoothie with fruits and yogurt tastes great and also good for health. Only 5-minutes to prepare, you can enjoy this anytime!