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Stock Up to Keep Your Home Clean and Safe – Cleaning Supplies Buying Guide

With concerns about illnesses on the rise, many households want to be certain to do whatever it takes to keep their homes clean and sanitary. Regular cleaning with disinfectant cleaners can kill over 99% of common viruses. Look to BJ’s Wholesale Club for the cleaning supplies you need to keep your family safe.

Which cleaning products do I need?

The cleaners and cleaning equipment you need depends on the types of surfaces in your house. If you are like most homes, you will need brooms, brushes, a mop and a vacuum to properly address your floor surfaces. You can find cleaners for specific types of floors, such as Bona hardwood floor cleaner, or an all-purpose cleaner like Pine-Sol.

To clean and to disinfect surfaces such as counters, doorknobs and other places that people frequently touch, you will want a disinfectant such as Clorox cleaning wipes or Lysol wipes. You can also purchase Lysol disinfecting spray for general use and Clorox bleach spray cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom. 

There are several bathroom essentials that should be part of everyone’s cleaning supplies. Many people like to clean bathroom surfaces with a bleach-based cleaner because sinks, toilets and tubs are prone to bacteria and mold growth. You will want a hard brush for cleaning the toilet bowl and another brush or a rough-surfaced sponge for preventing build-up in the tub or shower.

Glass surfaces require gentle cleaning supplies to prevent unsightly residue. Cleaners such as Windex are formulated to give you a streak-free clean. Your mirrors will give you a clear reflection, and your windows will give you an unobstructed view of the world.

Wood surfaces such as counters and furniture need a polish to maintain their appearances. Products like Pledge provide a barrier that prevents dust buildup on these surfaces. Using the appropriate cleaning equipment, like a microfiber cloth or Swiffer duster, will trap dust rather than pushing it to the floor.

How safe are cleaning products?

Household cleaners are safe to store and to use around your home. However, it is important to note that some of these cleaners are poisonous if ingested, and they can irritate your skin and eyes. If you have small children or pets, be sure to store these cleaners out of their reach.

When you use household cleaners, you should take certain precautions to stay safe. While cleaning in the bathroom, open a window or turn on your ventilation fan. This will help remove cleaning fumes from the space.

To avoid irritated skin, it is helpful to wear gloves while working with disinfectants. This added layer of protection will give you the cleaning accuracy you need while preventing exposure to chemicals.

Where Can I Buy Cleaning Supplies?

At BJ's Wholesale Club, our goal is to give our members the supplies they need at affordable prices. You can find a wide range of cleaning equipment and supplies that will allow you to stock your cleaning closet. Our selection includes top brands like Clorox, Lysol, Mr. Clean, Berkley Jensen and more. We even make the shopping process easier with our free curbside pick-up service. With some elbow grease and help from BJ's, your home will be clean and safe for every member of your family.