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Bring Home a Trampoline for Backyard Fun - Trampoline Buying Guide

Bringing home a trampoline is bound to make you king or queen of your family for the day. Active families love indoor or outdoor trampolines, and you'll even save on outings when you can have more fun at home. See our selection of trampolines and accessories at

How safe are trampolines for my family?

A lot of recreational equipment is only safe if you use it responsibly. With adult supervision and some smart practices, you can optimize safety on your outdoor or indoor trampoline.

Safety-conscious parents have some non-negotiable rules for kids' trampoline play. First, only one person should be on the trampoline at a time. This prevents kids from bumping into one another and possibly getting hurt. Children must be 5 or older to use an outdoor trampoline. Children under 5 have less advanced motor skills, making them more prone to injury on trampolines. Also, they cannot absorb the added strain that repeated jumps and bounces put on their limbs as easily as older kids.

You should not allow your children of any age to do flips or somersaults on the kids' trampoline. Leave the fancy moves for the pro gymnasts, and keep your kids safe instead. Along the same lines, you should be firm about a careful dismount from the jumping platform. No flipping from a handstand to the ground, for example. Make sure your kids - and adults, too - wear appropriate clothing when using the outdoor trampoline. A T-shirt and shorts are good choices. You should avoid oversized clothes that you could get twisted up in when jumping. Users should wear sneakers or bare feet, avoiding loose flip-flops or damaging street shoes.

If you have a trampoline enclosure/net, make it clear that it is a safety feature only and not a vertical bounce-back surface. First, jumping against the enclosure puts too much wear and tear on the netting, but more importantly, it poses the risk of injury. Make the kids' trampoline off-limits when it is wet. A wet jumping surface is very slippery. Once the sun comes out, it will naturally dry your outdoor trampoline and make it safe once again for family fun.

An outdoor trampoline is a magnet for curious neighbors, so be sure you have yours in a fenced area where people cannot wander in. Also, remove any mounting aids, such as a step stool or a trampoline ladder kit, from the vicinity when no adult supervision is available.

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How do I install a trampoline?

The first step to kids' trampoline safety is properly setup. You need a flat area with enough space for the trampoline and clearance above, beneath, and to the sides. Be sure tree branches, wires, and building overhangs are not close enough for high jumpers to bump their heads on. The ground beneath the trampoline should be something soft such as grass or sand. For a small indoor trampoline, yoga mats or carpeting make a good floor surface. If your only choice is to set up your kids' trampoline on a cement patio, place inflatable or foam impact bags around the perimeter, or cover the cement with mats. They will soften the landing if someone accidentally takes a tumble off the trampoline.

Once your area is safe, unpack the box and make sure all the parts are there. Follow the enclosed instructions carefully for assembling your 12-, 14-, or 15-foot trampoline. Be sure you have set aside the afternoon for setting up your outdoor trampoline because it can take up to three hours.

Once setup is complete, double-check a few things before anyone starts to jump. Make sure all the springs around the perimeter of the kids' trampoline are securely attached. Check that the spring cover pad is correctly placed. The surface of the jumping area should be taut, but not overly tight. The springs holding the surface to the frame should not be sagging or stretched out of shape.

Confirm that the trampoline enclosure/net is properly attached all the way around. Also, recheck the bolts that hold the frame together. Tighten up any that are loose to the touch.

Finally, look around the perimeter of the trampoline and remove any leftover tools, packaging, and lawn furniture so that you have a clear space for safety's sake. Have an adult do some test jumps first before allowing the kids to each have a turn. Watch out, though, because you may have trouble getting the adult off the trampoline once the fun begins. You might even have to get a trampoline for adults.

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