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Why Keep Cat Litter in Your Car This Winter

Cat litter isn't just for fluffy anymore. Stock up on cat litter for your car at BJ's Wholesale Club or this winter for extra, out-of-the-box ways to ensure you make it from point A to point B safely. Make sure you check your vehicle before you hit the road and visit BJ's Tire Center for winter snow tires

Benefit of Keeping Cat Litter in Your Car

Can Fresh Step® cat litter be used to provide traction for a car on snow and ice?

Yes! Fresh Step® non-clumping cat litter can help get your car out in two ways. The first is prevention: Keep a bag of Fresh Step® non-clumping litter in your trunk for added weight so (hopefully) you don’t get stuck in the first place. If your car does get stuck, you can use Fresh Step® non-clumping litter (100% clay with no filler) to help to free your vehicle. It’s very important to make sure you use the non-clumping version. Our scoopable and crystal versions will cause a slippery mess.

  1. First, clear out any snow or debris from your tailpipe. This ensures that the car won’t fill with any dangerous gases.
  2. Break up as much snow and ice from around the stuck wheels.
  3. Open your package of Fresh Step® (again, make sure it’s the non-clumping variety).
  4. Sprinkle the litter in front of your stuck wheels.
  5. Use the lowest gear possible. As soon as your car starts to slip, reverse a bit, then try again. Go back and forth until you gain traction. Be gentle and accelerate slowly.
  6. Got extra cat litter? Use it on your driveway or front walk for traction.

Can Fresh Step® cat litter be used to soak up motor oil?

Yes. A 10-pound sack of our non-clumping cat litter can soak up to a gallon of liquid; pour overspills, then sweep up. Try grinding into the spill with a brick or an old shoe for faster results. Please check local regulations for how to properly dispose of the used litter.

What are other useful ways to use cat litter in the winter?

Cat litter can be used to keep foggy morning windows clear for your commute. The same technology used to soak up fluffy's urine is used to pull moisture out of the air in your vehicle. Simply fill a sock with cat litter, tie it at the ankle, and place it in your car to keep the fog at bay. In addition to cat litter, don't forget to keep first aid supplies, a blanket, a shovel and a basic tool kit in your car to be prepared for this winter's snowy and icy roads.