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Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKI3 Desktop, Intel Corei3, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive

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BJ's Wholesale Club offers outstanding desktop computer deals from quality technology manufacturers like HP, Lenova and Dell. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy a powerful new computer tower, the specialized processing of a gaming PC, or the convenience and affordablity of all-in-one computers that include a monitor, keyboard and tower.

Find the Best Desktop Computer For Your Needs

Home computers now come in a range of configurations for better entertainment and productivity. Gamers who need desktop computers capable of handling heavy visuals and complex network connections should look for computers with strong processors, big screens and the most RAM. Many households and small business owners may prefer an all-in-one setup with built-in programs for spreadsheets, word processing, and photo and document storage.

Easily filter our large selection of desktop computers based on hard drive capacity, memory size or processor type to find the right fit for your needs. You can sort models by price range, brand or customer rating to stay on budget and find a quality computer from a name you trust. Pick a standalone gaming or computer tower that's compatible with your current monitor, or browse our all-in-one models to upgrade your entire system at a great price.

Make the Most of Your New Desktop Computer

Browse our assortment of computer accessories to get the most out of your machine. Find essential tools such as screen cleaning wipes, blank CDs and DVDs, and computer stands. Browse our wide selection of keyboards, mice and monitors to customize and extend the useful life of your new system. We also carry cables, adapters and external speakers.

Sometimes all you need is a little extra memory to help your current system run faster.Browse our affordable external memory options to expand your computer's capabilities. These external drives let you stash important documents and photos without sacrificing the speed or performance of your existing system.

There's something for every type of PC user at BJ's Wholesale Club. Find the perfect desktop computer for your needs by shopping online or stopping by your local club today. With our amazing prices and exclusive Instant Savings, you can experience advanced speed and performance without breaking the bank. Explore our current stock to buy the right desktop computer for your home or business today.