Manual Retractable Awnings
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Add shade, comfort and a touch of cool weather to your favorite outdoor spot. Beautiful folding awnings from BJ's Wholesale Club provide great protection from the sun, rain and other elements year round so you can enjoy your front or backyard in style. With cute and classic designs in a range of contemporary hues, you're sure to find a style and size to fit your home and budget. Compare our assortment of manual retractable awnings online today to create a custom outdoor escape in your own backyard.

Innovative, Durable Manual Awning Features

Our awnings are created with heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames for sturdy support and durability in all types of weather. Easily crank the awning up for shade on demand, and then let it back down to keep your new investment in pristine condition once the weather cools off. Look for designs with up to five adjustable pitch settings for more precise shade control. Easy-to-install wall brackets will help keep your new retractable awning completely secure, while fade-resistant fabrics and water-repellent coatings will resist rain, mildew and the sun's harmful rays for years to come so you can enjoy your outdoor space even longer.

Picking the Right Size for Your Home

Small decks and patios made ideal places to put many of our manual awnings. With sizes ranging from as small as 8 feet to as large as 24 feet, you can find a wide variety of awnings to fit your home's exterior online at BJ's. Consider the sun's pathway during the hottest seasons before deciding where to position your new awning, and then make sure you pick a size that's large enough to project plenty of shade over the seating area you need covered. Smaller spaces with a few chairs, a bench or a small high-top table may only need a few feet of comfortable, cool shade, while outdoor dining tables meant to seat multiple guests may require up to 10 feet of projected shade. Start by finding the correct manual awning to fit your patio and budget. Then, select a color and pattern that will bring your outdoor design to life.

Attractive and Functional Window Awnings

After you find the right awning for your deck or patio, complete your outdoor space's upgrade with fashionable window awnings. Our selection of matching window awnings will add more shade and a unique look and feel to your home's exterior. Choose an option with beautiful scalloped-edge valances for more visual appeal and additional sun protection, or opt for a classic edge in a neutral color for an unobtrusive addition that won't steal the show from your beautiful garden.

If you're ready to enjoy your backyard oasis in comfort and style, pick out a new affordable manual awning from BJ's Wholesale Club. Want great cost and even more convenience? Look for options that can easily be converted into a motorized awning that will make shifting your shade up or down a breeze. Shop our incredible variety of affordable awnings online today.