Pool Covers & Blankets

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Your swimming pool is a ton of fun to use, but it's also an important investment for your home. Protect your in- or above-ground swimming pool with affordable pool covers from BJ's Wholesale Club. As the weather cools or the winds pick up, use the right cover to keep your water clean, clear and comfortable. Solar pool covers let you keep swimming when temperatures dip, while winter pool covers offer a cheap and easy way to keep debris out in the off-season. Shop our quality selection of pool tarps and covers to find the best fit for your pool and budget.

Our premium winter pool covers are made from strong, durable, weather-resistant materials that can withstand the harshest elements while protecting your pool from algae-growth and damaging UV rays. Find the right size and easily secure it around the sides of your pool for reliable protection. Our solar pool covers come in a range of configurations to suit your personal climate preferences. Compare your favorite options above.