Berkley Jensen Heavy Duty 18" Width Aluminum Grilling Foil, 180 sq. ft.

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    Product Overview
    Berkley Jensen Heavy Duty Extra Wide Aluminum Foil for Grilling is the grilling solution you've been looking for to cook your favorite foods on the BBQ. With an 18" width and 180 sq. ft. of aluminum tin foil included, this high-quality grilling accessory makes cooking and cleaning easier than ever. Heavy-duty and durable, this grilling tinfoil locks in moisture and preserves your food's natural oils to keep your food juicy and delicious. With the ability to withstand even heavy meats and veggies, this foil prevents food bits and liquids from dripping through the grates and onto the grill, keeping you protected and your BBQ clean. Even better, this foil is disposable. Once you're done grilling, simply toss and the mess is gone. Great for corn on the cob, veggie kebabs, meat, and more. This heavy-duty aluminum foil makes preserving food simple and easy. Bring it with you to your next public BBQ or cookout to simplify the entire process from cooking to cleaning up. No more worrying about scrubbing the grill. Simply cover or line your BBQ with this high-quality tin foil, place your food on top, and grill clean. With 180 square feet of aluminum foil sheets, even your larger cuts will fit.

    Product Features:

  • Yes, own brand Heavy-duty aluminum grilling foil stays strong no matter what food you're grilling
  • Extra wide aluminum foil fits your grill so food doesn't slip through the grates
  • 180 sq. ft. of super-durable aluminum grilling foil
  • 18" width heavy-duty foil for grilling and cooking
  • Locks in heat and juices
  • Includes 180 sq. ft. foil

  • (Model BBP21942)