Fantasma Magic Super Magic Set

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    Product Overview
    Experience the powers of magic with the Fantasma Magic Super Magic Set. Cause four metal shapes to link with Liquid Metal, a clever update of the classic Linking Rings. Mystify your audience as you pull four orbs out of thin air with the Multiplying Orbs. The Atomic Production Screen is shown to be completely empty then solid objects appear from within. At the end the screen is folded flat, but where did the objects come from? Pierce a borrowed bill without leaving a hole with The Impossible Pen. Your spectator's chosen card mysteriously appears in a cell phone photo using the incredible Tekno Kards. The Crystal Transporter can send a bill, a silk or any other small item into the future. You can also make objects float in mid-air with our Secret Levitation Gadget. All these great effects and more with over 300 astonishing tricks you can do that will make you seem like you have otherworldly powers.

    Product Features:

  • Your child will feel like a superhero performing these mystifying illusions
  • Magic improves eye-hand coordination and public speaking skills
  • Atomic Production Screen, a stage-sized illusion
  • Liquid Metal, a great new update of the classic Linking Rings
  • The Dissolving Deck makes an entire deck of cards vanish into thin air
  • Quicksilver, the floating silver bar
  • Tekno Kards works with any phone or tablet
  • Crypto Box can make items appear or vanish
  • Quick Change Ropes
  • Ages 7+
  • Includes Liquid Metal (four linking shapes) Atomic Production Screen, Multiplying Orbs, Impossible Pen, Quicksilver, Crypto Box, Secret Levitation Gadget, Crystal Transporter and play bill, two Tekno Kards, three Quick Change Ropes, three Appearing Hankies, Dissolving Deck, Psychic Deck of Playing Cards and Illustrated Book of Secrets Manual

  • Choking hazard: small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age.