Kingsford Quick Light Fire Starters, 32 pk.

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    Product Overview
    Light your charcoal and firewood with ease using Kingsford Quick Light Fire Starters. These expertly crafted fire starters are made of all-natural hardwood and can burn for up to 10 minutes. They are water resistant, easy to light and compatible with all grill types, making them ideal for grilling, campfires and outdoor fireplaces.

    Directions for use with charcoal chimney starter: Step 1: Place one fire starter under the vented charcoal chimney starter base on a safe, flat surface.
    Step 2: With a Kingsford long reach lighter or match, light the fire starter and allow charcoals to ash over before spreading over the grilling surface.

    For use with a charcoal mound or firewood: Step 1: Place two-to-three starters evenly throughout mounded charcoal or into the inner ring of firewood logs.
    Step 2: With a Kingsford long reach lighter or match, light the fire starters.

    Product Features:

  • These quick light fire starters make lighting charcoal and firewood fast and easy. You won't waste any time waiting for your campfire to roar
  • Fire starters are made of all-natural hardwood and paraffin. The wood is 100% FSC-certified, meaning it comes from a forest certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and meets the highest environmental standards
  • Kingsford water-resistant fire starters are compatible with charcoal and pellet grills, as well as smokers
  • These multi-use fire starters can be used for grilling, campfires, and outdoor fireplaces. Don’t forget to pack these on your next camping trip
  • A natural alternative to lighter fluid and will burn for up to 10 minutes
  • Includes a box of 32 fire starters

  • Product Warnings and Restrictions: Windy Weather Can Disperse Lit Embers Which Can Cause Unintended Fires. Use In A Dry, Safe And Well-ventilated Area Where Temperatures Do Not Exceed 110 Degrees. Do Not Add If Fire Or Coals Are Hot, Leave Unattended, Or Breath Fumes.