Spirograph Plus 2-in-1 Design Set

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    Product Overview
    Originally launched in 1965, Spirograph has been making it easy for aspiring artists of all ages to create amazing, intricate designs. A winner of multiple awards including Toy of the Year, Spirograph is one of the most iconic and beloved toys of the 20th century. Today, Spirograph is reaching a whole new generation of artists with reengineered contents, and all-new pieces that are designed to work with most pens and markers on the market. This special-edition 2-in-1 collection includes two complete Spirograph sets in one! This set includes the original Spirograph Deluxe set plus an additional 15 all-new geometric-shaped rings and wheels to create even more imaginative designs than ever before. With over 30 drawing pieces including hearts, stars, triangles, squares, and more - the creative possibilities are endless! Spirograph Putty holds the rings down so that they stay secure without making holes in the paper. A sturdy snap-in storage box holds everything neatly in place.

    Product Features:

  • Two complete Spirograph design sets in one
  • Original wheels and gears plus all-new shaped rings and gears
  • All pieces are compatible with other Spirograph sets
  • The heavy-duty storage box will make the set last for generations (like the original Spirograph sets)
  • Works with almost all pens, markers, and pencils
  • Complete design guides with detailed design instructions and inspiration
  • Includes 1 design rack, 19 wheels, 2 rings, 12 shaped wheels, 1 triangle ring, 1 square ring, 1 circle ring, putty, 8 markers, 2 drawing pads, and 2 design guides

  • (Model 1033Z)