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Fish Oil: Do You Need It and Why?

You may have read or heard about the benefits of fish oil in your diet. Scientists have done studies linking the consumption of omega-3 fish oil supplements to increased "good" cholesterol in addition to lowered triglycerides, lowered blood pressure, and lowered chance of arterial plaque. Fish oil supplements have been linked to a decrease in certain mental disorders, to weight loss, and the reduction of inflammation. While your first step in deciding whether to take fish oil supplements should always be talking to your doctor, it's worth looking into whether fish oil softgels are right for you.

So what's in fish oil supplements, anyway? Omega-3 fish oil in fish oil supplements comes from the tissues of fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel. Ancient cultures used to consume a lot more fish than we do today, and our bodies benefit from the nutrients in fish. Find the right omega-3 fish oil for you at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Additional Benefits of Fish Oil Softgels

While heart health gets most of the attention when discussing fish oil softgels, the supplement has been studied in connection with other benefits as well. It has been linked to healthy skin, a reduction in fatty liver, and a slowing in cognitive decline.

By far the most popular form of fish oil comes in fish oil softgels, which are easy to take and coated to make it through your digestive system to where you can best absorb it. Omega-3 fish oil can easily become part of your daily supplement regimen once you discuss it with your doctor.

If you and your doctor have decided it's time for you to try omega-3 fish oil, you can get it conveniently with BJ's Wholesale Club Curbside and In-Club Pickup.

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