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About Sentry Safes

The prices at BJ's Wholesale Club are just the nudge you need to buy a SentrySafe. Protect your valuables and important papers with this important device. Investing in a SentrySafe fire safe is a good idea and can protect your valuables during a disaster or home invasion. You can get a SentrySafe fire safe right away with BJ's same-day delivery.

Disaster Preparedness

After a fire or flood, the last thing that you need to worry about is lost identification and financial documents. Should you have to evacuate, you can easily grab your valuables if you've stowed them in Sentry safes. BJ's stocks several SentrySafe products. A SentrySafe fire safe or waterproof safe can preserve what you need to start putting your family's life back together.

Deter Thieves

Sentry safes are durable and can adapt to many needs, like stopping thieves. The durable exterior of SentrySafe digital safes and all Sentry safes can repel aggressive attempts to open them. They make it just that much harder for a thief to grab your cash, jewelry, or heirlooms. You can keep identity thieves at bay by denying them access to birth certificates and financial account numbers stored in Sentry safes.

SentrySafe digital safes also mean that you have speedy access to the contents. You won't be running around looking for a key. Time is crucial, especially during a home invasion.

Stay Organized

Although a SentrySafe fire safe prepares you for disaster, it is also a great way to organize your important documents. Whenever you need a Social Security card, birth certificate, or property deed, you'll know right where you put it.

BJ's transforms ordinary grocery shopping into an opportunity to save money on useful products like SentrySafe digital safes. If you want to be more organized and prepared for what life throws at you, get a BJ's Membership today.