Auricchio Parmigiano Reggiano, 1-1.5 lb.

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    Product Overview
    Auricchio Riserva Esclusiva Parmigiano Reggiano is non GMO, gluten free, and has zero trans fat. The Auricchio Family has been producing the finest artisan cheeses since 1921. The quality is second to none. Enjoy this cheese with crusty bread, wine, or simply on a cracker. You can also melt with pasta, shred over salads or pizza. From sourcing the milk, all the way to the production line, there is no subsitute. The cheese is aged a minimum of 24 months and is made from unpasteurised cow's milk. Auricchio Brand Parmigiano Reggiano is simply tops in Italian Cheese. Parmesan cheese has long been a favorite staple in Italian cuisine. Made using unpasteurised milk, the finished cheese has a hard texture and is a great source of daily vitamins, calcium and minerals.

    Product Features:

  • All natural
  • Non GMO
  • Zero trans fat
  • Low sugar
  • Gluten free


    Made from 100% cow's milk, salt, rennet

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:
    Contains Milk