Berkley Jensen 24" Christmas Moose Door Greeter

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    Product Overview
    Meet your enchanting door greeter, a majestic moose adorned with a resplendent coat trimmed with fur, proudly carrying a shimmering, lighted Christmas tree upon its antlers. He looks both innocent and adorable and is a unique addition to any holiday décor. The Christmas tree he carries will glow in the night, thanks to its 16 LEDs that will enchant children and adults alike. Its charming smile, accentuated by a sprig of holly on its hat, spreads contagious happiness to visitors of all ages. This approximately 24” high colorful statuette, made of magnesium oxide, is a quality handmade figurine that stands on its own. In the moose's presence, the air is filled with anticipation and excitement, a tangible reminder of the joyous festivities awaiting just beyond the threshold

    Product Features:

  • Meet your new and enchanting door greeter
  • 24” Christmas moose door greeter
  • 16 color-changing LEDs
  • Hand-crafted and painted
  • For indoor or covered porch use only
  • Includes 24” Holiday moose door greeter