Berkley Jensen Winter Heat Calcium Chloride, 50 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Berkley Jensen Winter Heat is the ideal tool this winter to ensure that your driveway will be safe to travel on. It comes in a 50 lbs. bag of this concentrated material that will melt ice in a hurry. It comes in the form of calcium chloride pellets that can be used to spread over the necessary area. They are a premium-grade hygroscopic formula that draws moisture from snow and ice, allowing for an efficient and fast melting process to help get you on your way. This concentrated ice melt will melt down to -25°. It melts faster than blended de-icers or rock salt. With proper use, it is safe for both vegetation and concrete. Berkley Jensen Winter Heat t leaves no powdery white residue, so your driveway will still look neat and tidy when the snow and ice are gone. It will provide you with maximum protection against freezing temperatures and help prevent slipping and falling while you are outside.

    Product Features:

  • Hygroscopic formula draws moisture from snow and ice
  • Works faster than blended deicers and rock salt
  • Melts down to -25°
  • Calcium chloride concentrated ice melt
  • Safe for vegetation and concrete when used as directed
  • Includes calcium chloride pellets

  • (Model 50B-CCP-BJS)