Boogie Board Dash

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    Product Overview
    Write, doodle, brainstorm, or leave notes electronically without using any pens, markers or crayons. Simply write then erase with a simple button touch. The world’s #1 electronic writing tablet. Nothing to plug in and batteries last years. Battery included. Write and erase again and again. Doodle, draw, and write electronically without markers, pens, or paper. Erase and protect. One button press instantly erases the entire board. Or use the Lock Switch to protect your work from accidental erasing.

    Product Features:

  • One-touch Instant Clear Button
  • Lock Switch protects your work from accidental erase
  • Dash brings notes, messages, and more to the whole family
  • Family fun games
  • The ultimate electronic writing board
  • No pens, no mess, instant erase
  • Write with the inkless stylus, or write with anything, even your fingernail
  • Nothing to plug in and charge
  • Always on and ready to write
  • Includes one Dash, one stylus, 4 game templates